Telemedicine Mobile Application

Logic Solutions worked with a healthcare start up to develop a mobile solution for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. The mobile app provides a live video connection of the patient to a permitted colleague. The app establishes a live real-time connection within seconds in general surgical settings or emergency situations. Logic also developed the app with high quality video streaming to ensure that nothing is left unseen.

Coded with dual authenticated encryption, the app exceeds regulatory compliance standards for all mandatory healthcare and privacy laws including HIPAA. In addition, a server controls all user permissions so that healthcare providers must permit user access to video feed.

Video-streaming feeds are accessible through a wireless or 3G network. On the Apple platform, Logic created specialized code for the TCP network that eliminates any video stream latency. The Android platform utilizes UPD protocol, allowing for smaller network overhead and instant streaming. Logic also designed a scalable mobile architecture that can support a range of 20-2,000 users and support for up to four video feeds per consult.