Logic Solutions’ Six Areas of Expertise

At Logic Solutions, we have built our business on six areas of expertise: reducing readmissions, telemedicine, mHealth solutions, data integration, remote care management and patient/provider provider portals. Our experience in these six fields has helped a wide variety of healthcare organizations provide better care to their patients and reach their own, unique goals.

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Reducing Readmissions

The Affordable Care Act is motivating hospitals to spend more time educating patients and partnering with outside caregivers in the continuum of care to improve treatment and care post-discharge. There are many ways to reduce readmissions and the possibilities can be a little overwhelming. Logic Solutions can help sift through the opportunities and find one that’s right for you – be it an engaging patient portal, a mobile app or something in-between. Our solutions can help your organization keep patients happy, healthy and out of the emergency room. 


Telemedicine is a useful tool to help patients self-manage their conditions, reduce emergency visits and connect physicians with patients. Logic Solutions knows that with this convenience, quality shouldn’t be sacrificed. Telemedicine should simply create additional channels for health care providers to interact and help their patients. The limitations of time and distance are reduced with Telemedicine, which helps all on the continuum of care.

mHealth Solutions

Smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming ubiquitous with modern life. At Logic Solutions, we understand how to utilize this powerful technology in the healthcare landscape. Our mobile application experience puts the power into the hands of physicians, patients and all who utilize their mobile devices to access information. In this exciting field, however, we understand the need for mobile apps to be safe and secure. Our apps are compliant with HIPAA and other necessary regulatory agencies.

Data Integration

Logic Solutions is experienced in integrating various data systems so they work together to meet your healthcare objectives. Data integration can help improve your workflow, reporting and analytics. For example, connecting backend claims management with EMRs, lab systems or other workflow and reporting tools is more than just convenience – it’s an important step to eliminating redundancies within your organization and increasing the bottom line of your organization on the whole. 

Remote Care Management

Remote Care Management is one of healthcare industry’s most talked about subjects. From wearable devices to nurse care management via telemedicine, RCM is improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital admissions, particularly in patients with chronic conditions. Logic Solutions can create a customizable Remote Care Management platform that allows for remote monitoring and communications between care providers, patients and insurers.

Patient/Provider Portals

Although portals have been prevalent in healthcare for quite some time, they are playing an increasingly important role in meeting Stage 2 Meaningful Use requirements and connecting patients and caregivers across the continuum of care. We build engaging portals for all members of the healthcare field. Our portals are designed to be user friendly which increases utilizations and, ultimately, the effectiveness of the portal.